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 Patient: Autonomy

 Practitioner: Beneficence & Nonmaleficence

 Public Policy: Justice


A. Description

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As a member of the medical profession, I solemnly pledge to dedicate my life to the service of humanity.

~ Declaration of Geneva


Delve into the intriguing world of medical ethics with a twist in this unique guidebook, where each ethical dilemma is introduced through a gripping moral mystery story. ETHICS For MEDICINE explores the complex ethical challenges faced by today’s healthcare professionals, guiding readers in striking the delicate balance between societal expectations, professional codes of conduct, and patient’s goals, values, and priorities.

This innovative resource presents sixty riveting topics, designed to educate and captivate medical and healthcare students and practitioners. Each issue focuses on high-yield content crucial for medical licensing exams for all medical practitioners. The book is an essential reference for clinical practice, ethics consultations, and academic writings.

While the ethical issues discussed may spark varied opinions rooted in personal, religious, or political beliefs, the book draws from moral positions issued by various medical professional organizations, offering a framework for behavioral expectations within the medical community.

By immersing themselves in the moral mystery stories, the ethical analysis, and applying the acquired knowledge to review questions and the NBME-style clinical vignettes, healthcare professionals will gain the necessary tools and skills to adhere to ethical and legal standards of care in their practice. Engage in this thrilling exploration of medical ethics, and emerge well-equipped to navigate the challenges of making life-altering decisions.

6     Foundational Topics
60   Ethics Topics
66   Moral Mysteries
400 Review Questions
500 NBME-Style Clinical Vignettes